Thursday, September 1, 2011

Consignment Junky

Sizes 6 & 7 ready for hangers.
I love a good deal. And once I shopped Oakland Baptist Church Children's Consignment Sale when I was pregnant with Savannah I was hooked. It was like consolidated yard saling (a former love of mine). After I learned how consigning worked, I figured out that if I bought wisely I could then consign the next season and break even or even make money! Now that I have two kids I sometimes have to consign just enough to shop and then double up selling the next season. This fall I am doubling up.

I have some extra time now that we are out of school for a bit because of the earthquake, which is good since I only consigned enough last year in order to shop early. Usually the church makes 30% of your sale and uses the money for a mission. Consignors have the opportunity to discount their clothes at the end of the sale 1/2 price and the option to donate anything not sold. The donated items go to a local children's ministry. Once I bought great clothes from a consignment sale like this one, I could never again bring myself to pay full price for children's clothing. It was just like throwing money away. Remember how much I said I love a good deal?

I have done a couple consignment sales in Richmond that specialize in boutique brand name children's clothing. But because I love a good deal, I usually am disappointed after shopping those sales. I get the most enjoyment out of finding something at a Goodwill store and then consigning it for a profit after my kids have worn it. I'm not making a salary on this whole exchange, but I definitely don't worry about spending too much on kids clothes that's for sure. Louisa has a couple of children's consignment shops and a Goodwill. I hit them every so often and usually find a couple things I could turn around. Maybe I should have titled this post 'clothes flipping'. It does sound a bit like house flipping.
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